Benefits of Miracle

 Actions Benefits
  • Miracle keeps burner, nozzle & heat transfer surfaces clean.
  • Ensures complete combustion & flame homogeneity.
  • Reduces deposits in boiler or furnaces.
  • Minimises cleaning cycles & maintenance cost.
  • Ensures reduction in emission.
  • Reduces stack losses & pollution.
  • Reacts with sludge & sediments.
  • Prevents clogging& chocking of burner & filters thus reduces downtime
  • Reduces particulate matter & hazardous gases in exhaust.
  • Ensures eco friendly operations & satisfies environmental considerations. 
  • Provides fuel economy by near complete combustion.
  • Reduction in expenditure on fuel and also contributes in nations fuel saving policy.
  • Acceleates combustion process
  • The improved combustion efficiency & thus saving of time, money & energy and increase is productivity
  • Protects oil circuits from corrosion induced by water.
  • Increases boiler or furnace equipment's life.


Miracle can be used for all types of crude oils such as FO, LDO, LSHS, CBFS,  DIESEL, Mazut 100, Jp54, D2, & SLCO  etc

We not only supply additives but also provide essential technical assistance & information about Fuel Oils, Boilers/ Furnaces  to our customers. Our technical experts monthly visit our clients to monitor the consumption of the Fuel Oil.